Weekly Photo Themes

  • Week 9 (Feb. 24 - Mar. 2): Rust / Seven (7) / Smoke / Lush
  • Week 10 (Mar. 3 - 9): Hands/Gloves / Flimsy / Mineral / Close
  • Week 11 (Mar. 10 - 16): Gold/Silver / Antique / Round / Hot
  • Week 12 (Mar. 17 - 23): Eye / Mechanical / Modern

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Rules of Engagement

Minimal Rules:

  • You’re top goal is to post at least 1 photo each week, using at least 1 of the active themes for that week.

  • Four themes will be posted each week.

  • Our photo-weeks are now running Friday through Thursday.

  • During that week post no more than one photo per theme. (ie Maximum of 4 posts per week, Maximum of one per theme)

  • If you miss a week it’s okay, we all get busy. Come back the next week.

  • Each photo you post should never be more than one month old on it’s official posting date.

    • Because of this there will always be themes posted for at least 4 future weeks. The reason for this rule is because this blog is about having a routine of taking and posting photos. The goal is improving our skills through active practice.

Advanced Rules:

  • It’s okay to play with the posting date and time.

    • Pre-posting: You took a great photo for a future theme and you have time to post it now, but it’s too soon. Go ahead and set it up. Edit the “Publish On:” date to a future date when that theme will be active. (The “Publish” button will change to “Schedule”.)

    • Back-posting: You had a busy week, but you do have photos you can post. When you find the time, get those photos up there. Edit the “Publish on” date back to when it’s appropriate. Try not to do this too far in the future.

  • Post for this week before doing any back posting. It’s better to keep moving forward than to always be trying to catch up. It’s okay to miss a week once in awhile because you’re life is busy.

  • What if you took a really great photo this week, but it doesn’t fit any of the themes now or coming up and you don’t have anything that fits any of this week’s themes and it’s the last day to get one posted. Exception: Post the “Best Photo I Took This Week” (But please use regular tags).

    • Is that really confusing? Trust me it happens. In a nut shell: If you have nothing to post for the themes of the current week, use this exception to post the best photo you took during that actual week (please don’t use a month old photo in this case). Also, this is only valid if you have nothing to post for an official theme that week. Do NOT post a best-of photo in addition to themed posts for a week.

  • Finally: I’m not your parent or the police. Play nice and have fun and we all win. Since I am the owner & moderator of this site: If you’re a jerk or disrupt the fun of other contributors on this site I will remove you. It’s my site, so I get the final say on who gets to play in my sandbox.

The Goal

  • My goal in starting this site was to improve my photography skills through practice. Back in 2009 Mike and I challenged ourselves to post a photo every day, and we had a theme for every day. We succeeded at this for about 2 years. When I review the photos I posted over that time I can see an improvement in the quality of my photos. That’s my success. I don’t want to stop there, but posting every day got to be too much. In 2015 Caroline joined me for a weekly photo challenge and we think it’s going pretty well so we’re continuing this into 2016. Contact me if you’d like to join us. ~Snow