Weekly Photo Themes

  • Week 9 (Feb. 24 - Mar. 2): Rust / Seven (7) / Smoke / Lush
  • Week 10 (Mar. 3 - 9): Hands/Gloves / Flimsy / Mineral / Close
  • Week 11 (Mar. 10 - 16): Gold/Silver / Antique / Round / Hot
  • Week 12 (Mar. 17 - 23): Eye / Mechanical / Modern

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Scatter and Shadow

Petals shadow

3 comments to Scatter and Shadow

  • Light and dark, soft petals and spiky shadows, and all the texture. I think it works great. There is a lot to look at without there being one central thing. Very abstract and very interesting.

  • CarbonLocked

    I was going for abstract, so I guess the up/down confusion means it worked? :)

    I took it in landscape; my images are rarely edited at all, not even cropped, and I almost always leave them in the orientation in which I took them. I was crouched, and holding the camera away from my body, to eliminate my shadow. And it was in the early evening, I believe, possibly 4ish.

    Glad you like it!

  • Aarron Kemp

    Mwhahahaha, ok I love this shot both for the serene composition and light (dawn or dusk?) as well as the disorientation. The single green blade and lack of a photographer’s shadow confused the hell out of my sense of up/down/etc. Did you take the shot in portrait and then leave it rotated at 90 degrees? So much fun here.