Weekly Photo Themes

  • Week 9 (Feb. 24 - Mar. 2): Rust / Seven (7) / Smoke / Lush
  • Week 10 (Mar. 3 - 9): Hands/Gloves / Flimsy / Mineral / Close
  • Week 11 (Mar. 10 - 16): Gold/Silver / Antique / Round / Hot
  • Week 12 (Mar. 17 - 23): Eye / Mechanical / Modern

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5 comments to Aftermath

  • Aarron Kemp

    Thanks! My phone definitely surprised me with the color it could pick up, though it was a beast to find the right shadows and angles to get something I wanted. But when M said there was still debris-removal going on at night up at 85th and Greenwood, I had to go. :)

    • Oh I see what’s going on now. Are they demolishing that old antique store over there? Or gutting it? I like the flowers in the fence, they make for an interesting frame. Also, your phone did a good job with the night shot. Plenty of light gathered.

      • Aarron Kemp

        Ah, the antique store’s been closed for a couple years now. The debris is from the building just south of bike shop that’s there now. The one that held Neptune Coffee, Mr. Gyro’s, and the Quick Stop. It’s obliterated and the Neptune’s awning was the largest piece left.

        • Oh I see where you were now. Shows you how little time I spend in Greenwood, but I did recognize the building. :) It’s a good shot. Lots of interesting things going on, and an unusual perspective.

  • CarbonLocked

    Great color for a night shot.