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  • Week 9 (Feb. 24 - Mar. 2): Rust / Seven (7) / Smoke / Lush
  • Week 10 (Mar. 3 - 9): Hands/Gloves / Flimsy / Mineral / Close
  • Week 11 (Mar. 10 - 16): Gold/Silver / Antique / Round / Hot
  • Week 12 (Mar. 17 - 23): Eye / Mechanical / Modern

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Receding Water Tower

Water Tower in Recession

Technically it’s a shot looking upwards but I rotated it 90 degrees CCW.

4 comments to Receding Water Tower

  • Aarron Kemp

    Cheers, both of you! Yeah, I did notice some color but hadn’t decided which one. I’d thought my phone did B&W but apparently that was an older model. The Galaxy S5 has a sweet camera but the software took some steps backward.

    • Does your android have much in the way of photo editing apps? The iPhones have a ton. I have at least one that is all about converting to B&W with sliders to fiddle the grey scale of each color range in the original. Mostly I post process in Pixelmator on my Mac though.

  • CarbonLocked

    Nice! I like how the water adds texture.

  • There is remarkably little color in that shot. Sometimes a color shot looks B&W but there’s always a little color. I think maybe this has a hint of yellow, but it’s very faint. Oh, and the abstractness, the angles and lines. All really nice. :)